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Pool Subset "C" Contains 34 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
cairo.tel50%Geo10.2Cairo Egypt Identity and DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
california.tel25%Geo11.7California brandGeographic 0 Lease
camera.tel50%Product16Camera Directory.Science & Technology 0 Lease
canadians.tel0%Community10.4Canadians DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
cancers.tel50%Service11.4Cancer identityPersonal 0 Lease
capricorn.tel50%Community9Capricorn IdentitiesPeople 0 Lease
career.tel50%Job31.1Local career resourcesJobs & Employment 0 Lease
careerpath.tel50%Job17.7Career Path for YvetteJobs & Employment N0 Lease
carros.tel75%Product0? 0
casas.tel75%Community0? 0 Lease
castelldefels.tel25%0Direcciones de CastelldefelsBusiness Communications ProductsY0 Lease
cats.tel50%YP9.6cats resourcesPets & Animals 0 Lease
cavan.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
cellworks.tel0%Service1Cellworks CommCommunications 0
chatham.tel50%Geo27.2chatham geo directoryGeographic Directory N0 Lease
cheese.tel50%Product0Cheese Makers DirectoryFood & Dining N0
childcare.tel0%Service5.6child care 0
chiropractors.tel0%Service1chiro 0
chou.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
claremorris.tel50%Geo0Claremorris Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
cleaningservices.tel0%Service5.5Cleaning ServicesServices 0
clonmel.tel50%Geo0Clonmel Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0
clothes.tel0%YP16.3Clothes storesFashion 0 Lease
collingwood.tel50%Geo27.9Collingwood Ontario Directory and Business IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
cologne.tel0%Geo15.3Cologne GermanyGeographic 0 Lease
condos.tel0%Community17.9Condos Condos Condos Real Estate 0 Lease
connecticut.tel50%Geo26.7Connecticut ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
contractors.tel50%YP16.3Local ContractorsServices Y0 Lease
cooling.tel50%YP14CoolingVanity Y0 Lease
county.tel50%Geo0USA county identitiesBusiness Y0 Lease
couriers.tel0%Service0? 0
cpd.tel75%Short0? 0
crs.tel75%Short0? 0
cuban.tel50%Community7Cuban travel etcTravel 0 Lease

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